Frederick Fox

Sarah and I were very saddened to hear of the death of Frederick Fox. We met whilst serving apprenticeships for him in his New Bond Street workroom and feel we couldn’t have had a better training. The apprenticeship lasted for three years and we spent our first weeks just picking up pins and tidying threads and observing the experienced milliners. It felt like forever before we were allowed to work on a hat! Sarah very clearly remembers how exciting it was to actually make a fabric button that was going to be sewn on a hat as a trimming. Even more exciting that it was going to be on a hat for the Queen.
Frederick Fox had had a Royal Appointment for many years. We were privileged to have had the opportunity of making hats for The Queen, Princess Diana, Duchess of York and other members of The Royal Family whilst working there.
We recently came across this lovely obituary by Stephen Jones.—milliner-obituary